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Jan 31, 2020 • games industry,personal,planning

This moment right now has been a long time coming.

The independent game development scene really started gaining momentum in 2008, and we’re only really seeing that momentum slowing down now.

Ubiquity in smartphones, digital distribution and a plethora of game engines and frameworks, means that games are easier to make and distribute now then ever in history.

So what have I been doing in the last 12 years?
I finished high school, did a bachelor degree in game development, and I’ve been working as a (non-game) software developer since then.

I’ve been mired by lack of motivation, distraction, procrastination, no planning, no goals and no idea. I managed to make a few small games, but only after a long time with a lot of gaps. Not to mention all the tutorials and reading done to feel more prepared, but no plan to utilize that knowledge.

Over time I’ve begun to recognize these patterns, analyzing and dissecting the question of why I’m not moving in the direction I want. I’m still figuring it out now but I’m in a better tactical place now.

That’s what this website is. It’s what I hope is the beginning of a plan, a plan to pursue what I really want to do.