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2D Golf

Jun 14, 2020 • project,games,playable

I’ve finished my 2D golf game.
You can play it here.
And read the source code here.
It’s built in Godot.

I think there’s probably two modes that a creator finds themselves. There’s one mode, where a creative work holds so much more potential, yet it has to be cut short otherwise it will never end. The other mode is cutting a work short before it reaches its ideal potential.


I think for this golf game its definitely being cut short before it reaches the Good Enough zone. Does this mean I should continue working on it?

Its a difficult question to answer, but I think the best way of framing the problem is to ask why did I start the project in the first place.

  • I wanted to make something in a game engine. (Godot)
  • I wanted to get an idea of how the game engine works.
  • I wanted to try out mechanics I hadn’t done before. (2D physics based with a rigid-body)

So framed like that, I “completed” the project. Without sound effects, music, title screen, options, pausing and saving, I would be against calling it a whole game.

For the next project I want to be more clear about what I’d like to get out of it. Next game I think would be good to tackle at least one of these:

  • Sound effects
  • Music
  • AI
  • Networking
  • Pausing & Saving state